Sawsbuck believe it or not are a big part of life, not only for game hunters, But for the eco-system as well, Sawsbuck is one of the main bases of the food-chain, being a large herbivore, that, thanks to it's several climate forms, are found in many different terrains all over the world, and are a great food source for all kinds of meat eating Pokemon. Sawsbuck serves a purpose to hunters, tourists, and other Pokemon alike!

Predators & Defense Mechanisms

Sawsbuck has many predators, but the most common are Ursaring, Beartic, Absol and Zoruark. However, attacking and killing a Sawsbuck isn't easy, being a very large and heavy animal, Sawsbuck is very dangerous if provoked, You have to be starving to be willing to attack one. Sawsbuck can easily incapacitate a Pokemon, including it's predators, with a firm kick, or a strong charge with it's antlers.


Sawsbuck are generally solitary animals and prefer not to travel in groups, but are not territorial and do not mind the company of other Sawsbuck.


During mating season, females are more attracted to the male Sawsbuck with the largest antlers. During a bout between 2 males, They charge at eachother and clash antlers, The male with the least damaged antlers at the end of the bout wins the female, leaving the loser to regrow his antlers and try again next season. Surprisingly, Sawsbuck litters generally have only 1 or 2 calf. The mother will nurture her calf until they can walk and eat solid food, and will show them where to get food, water, and how to defend themselves.


Thanks to Sawsbuck's 4 different forms, Summer,Spring,Fall and Winter, Sawsbuck is seen in many different terrains all over the world, Such as fields, forests, meadows, plains and snowy terrain!

Kanto - Uncommon

Johto - Uncommon

Hoenn - Uncommon

Sinnoh - Uncommon

Unova - Common

Kalos - Common

Alola - Rare