Welcome to the PokéWild Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki in which we record information about Pokemon wildlife based purely off of head-canon! If you like reading Pokedex entries in the game series, then chances are you will enjoy this wiki!

(This wiki is unofficial, this is completely a fan wiki, we do NOT wish to gain any profit from this wiki or mock the series, We are doing this for fun and to entertain others.).

Schedule & Format

We tend to make pages for individual Pokemon whenever we feel like it at our own pace, so we could release several one day, but sometimes we may only release one a week! We hope to atleast be able to release atleast 3 a week, however. Pages will include information about prey, predators, location, breeding, lifestyle, height, weight, pack information, tendencies, and more!

*If you would like to request a page on a certain Pokemon, message our head-writer, Cornfairy.*

About the Pokeologists (Authors)

Right now, the team only consists of one person, and that person is the founder of the wiki, Cornfairy, That's me, Hi! I know throughout the wiki I mention the team as "we" even though there's only one person, But that's because I hope to recruit more to the team soon to produce more quality pages faster!

CornFairy - CornFairy, also known as Josh, is a 16 year old Pokemon enthusiast, He's always has been interested in animals, and has researched several varieties of animals as a hobby ever since he was 8, and is overall a curious person. Josh has more than one hobby, however, Josh has been writing short stories and novels by hand and keyboard since he was 9. When Josh was young, he was a huge fan of Pokemon, almost completely for the fact that it was based around animal-like creatures, He especially enjoyed the Pokedex entries of the Pokemon because it gave an in-depth look of the Pokemon and their lifestyle in the wild, But he wishes that the entries were longer, or at least could read more about the Pokemon online, but when he did, he found out that there was no additional information about Pokemon in the wild. On 10/8/16, Josh combined the 3 things he loves, and created the PokeWild wiki and now creates head-canon pages that holds plenty information about Pokemon in the wild and is the head-writer.

Latest activity

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