The Midnight Lycanroc was first discovered in the rocky mountains of the Alola region in 2008 when 2 teenagers who were on a hiking trip photographed it, The very same Lycanroc was soon captured the same day when the 2 friends showed a ranger the photographs. The ranger described the animal as aggressive and territorial. Ever since, although very rare to see in the mountains, The rangers of the mountains created a set of safety steps in-case a hiker encounters a Midnight Lycanroc, and has completely banned night-time hiking as they seem to be much more active during the night.

Prey and Hunting

Midnight Lycanroc are solitary animals, and prefer not to pack, hunting and living alone. M.N Lycanroc are said to be able to smell prey from over a mile away, and has great eyesight, Making the M.N Lycanroc hunting machines. M.N Lycanroc are said to run at speeds up to 40 MPH, and are able to leap 14 feet in the air, Making chasing Rattatas and snatching bird Pokemon from the air a breeze. With a 1600 PSI Bite Force, A bite from a M.N Lycanroc can easily snap human bone.


M.N Lycanroc are known to claim entire mountains as their territory, but way more commonly claim mountain dens, and have to defend their territory very often against Pyroar, Ursaring, Tyranitar and other M.N Lycanroc, due to M.N Lycanroc being very territorial. M.N Lycanroc are willing to die to protect or attack territories.

Human Contact

Wild M.N Lycanroc very rarely come in contact with humans, but will not hesitate to attack if they come too close to it or it's territory.


During mating season, a female M.N Lycanroc typically goes with the male with the longer mane and longer claws, But it's not surprising to see 2 males fight to the death for a female. After mating, the male will leave to allow the female to raise the cubs. A pregnant M.N Lycanroc will usually give birth to a litter of 1-4 Rockruff pups, and raises them until they are 8 months to a year old. A Lycanroc mother is very similar to a grizzly bear mother, and will die for her cubs.


M.N Lycanroc is most often seen in rocky terrain, mountains, or in grass fields and meadows.

Kanto - Rare

Johto - Rare

Hoenn - N/A

Sinnoh - N/A

Unova - N/A

Kalos - Rare

Alola - Rare

Famous Midnight Lycanroc

Rosco - The first Lycanroc discovered & captured. Currently living a normal Pokemon life in the Alola Pokemon Reserve (A.P.R). Currently 11 years old and is recorded to be 366 lbs. and 6'2 ft tall.

Rocky - An Urban legend that arose in 2010, a man claimed that he saw a monster sized Lycanroc in the caves of Mt. Moon, being over 10 ft tall. Ever since, many photoshopped images rose from the internet, and many more reports were made, not only in Kanto, but in all the regions, Some going as far as to say they were attacked by Rocky. There's even a TV show called "Rocky Mountains", in which a team of 4 explore mountains all over the world in search of Rocky. Rocky is almost as popular of a name as Nessy or Bigfoot.